I specialise in the translation of medical texts from French and Spanish to UK English. As a native English speaker, I only translate into my native tongue. My extensive knowledge of the English language and my understanding of its varied cultural and context-dependent nuances means that I am able to choose the most appropriate translation. This expertise is an inherent part of my quality control process, ensuring that my clients receive a precise translation that they are fully satisfied with.

My Translation Experience

I have experience translating:

•    Clinical trial correspondence
•    Patient case reports
•    Package leaflets

How Much Will Translating Your Document Cost?

Translations are charged per word.

How much a translation will cost depends on the number of words (word count) in the French or Spanish text. Where it is not possible to establish the word count in the French or Spanish text, cost is calculated on the word count of the English translation.

How much a translation will cost also depends on the type of document that you would like translated. The most cost-effective document type is a Microsoft Word document. Additional charges will be applied for documents in formats that require conversion to Word, such as PDF files. Any document formatting lost or incorrectly applied during conversion must be corrected before translating proper begins. Additional charges will also be applied to meet urgent deadlines, and for evening and weekend work.

I also use SDL Trados Studio 2017 for Translators – a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. In simple terms, it is a computer program that complements my translation process. The program ensures terminological consistency, which is especially useful when working on projects for my repeat clients. The program also performs a variety of quality assurance checks, ensuring that the smallest error or inconsistency is brought to my attention for review before I return your project.

To see my Trados certificates, please click here.

Please contact me if you would like more information or for a free, tailor-made quotation for your project.