Proofreading and Proof-Editing

What Is Proofreading?          What Is Proof-Editing?

My Proofreading and Proof-Editing Experience

Within the medical sphere, I have experience proofreading and proof-editing:

•    Scientific articles related to orthopaedic surgery translated from French into English

How Is a Document Proofread or Proof-Edited?

I can proofread or proof-edit a hard copy of your document (on paper), or on screen using Adobe Reader’s mark-up tools for PDF files or Track Changes for Microsoft Word documents. I can compare your document against copy – an older version of the same document that has changes to be made marked on it. It is my job to make sure that the changes marked on the copy have been successfully implemented. I can also proofread or proof-edit your document ‘blind’, which means that I have no copy or older version of your document to refer to.

How Much Will Proofreading/Proof-Editing Your Document Cost?

Documents to be proofread or proof-edited are charged per hour. Proof-editing will usually take longer and involve more intervention than proofreading, and proofreading against copy will usually take longer than proofreading blind, and will therefore attract a higher fee. Additional charges will be applied to meet urgent deadlines, and for evening and weekend work.

Please contact me if you would like more information or for a free, tailor-made quotation for your project.