Afire Languages and Me

What Is in a Name?

Collins Dictionary defines afire as ‘intensely interested or passionate’. With my extensive linguistic and cultural knowledge, the name Afire Languages reflects the vibrancy of language and my enthusiasm for it. That enthusiasm extends not only to all things French and Spanish, but also to the famous, sometimes impenetrable, ‘Glasgow Patter’ of my home city.

The name Afire Languages also reflects the perpetually evolving nature of language. Whether one language is incorporating words from another language and culture, or incorporating exciting new words from developments in its own culture, language is undoubtedly a positive dynamic force. I am proud to be an integral part of this bridge between languages and cultures as a translator and linguist.

About Me

I enjoy watching foreign dramas, baking, reading Scottish crime fiction and doing cryptic crosswords, and I would love to own a Border collie!

The proofreader in me is always on the lookout for amusing apostrophe errors.