Copy-Editing and Copywriting

What Is Copy-Editing?          What Is Copywriting?

My Copy-Editing and Copywriting Experience

Within the medical sphere, I have experience copy-editing:

•    Scientific articles related to orthopaedic surgery translated from French into English

Outside the medical sphere, I have experience copy-editing and copywriting:

•    Property schedule information

How Is a Document Copy-Edited or Copywritten?

I can copy-edit your Word document, using Track Changes if required, or I can copy-edit your PDF file in Adobe Reader using the program’s mark-up tools. All copywriting will be done in Microsoft Word.

How Much Will Copy-Editing/Copywriting Your Document Cost?

Documents to be copy-edited or copywritten are charged per hour. Copy-editing will take longer and involve more intervention than proof-editing because it occurs at an earlier stage in the editing/proofreading process. As copywriting involves the creation of original content, both copy-editing and copywriting will attract a higher fee than proof-editing. Additional charges will be applied to meet urgent deadlines, and for evening and weekend work.

Please contact me if you would like more information or for a free, tailor-made quotation for your project.